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“To all afflicted- It’s a strange and difficult world if you have unresolved issues in your life. Throughout history, those who have been afflicted with cerebral challenges, whether they be emotional, physical or spiritual, help has (and) has not, always been available, but those who suffer tend to surrender to the meanderings of their desultory consciousness’. Mr. Modrak demonstrates immediately that you are a valuable part of this world, and with skillful guidance, delivers immediate results. His “disarming” approach really helps to assist you in lowering your own guards, those defenses you have always relied upon for survival. Whether it be panic attacks, addiction, or a myriad of other difficult circumstances, you may benefit from his deep sense of concern, and professional approach. I highly recommend his services to all those who hide behind their pain.”


“We're so grateful for the insight and guidance Maureen provided to us when we needed marriage counseling. We believe that had we not sought her services when we did, our marriage wouldn't have lasted. Thank you.”

L and D

“With counseling I noticed that as I got happier with myself and started fixing things in my life, everything around me started fixing itself.”


“Choosing a counselor or therapist can be like shooting darts in the dark.  Arrowrock Counseling is a discrete, small office that offers insightful and helpful counseling in a comfortable setting.  I expected to be set up with months or even years of counseling to deal with my “issues” and have been wonderfully surprised at how quickly the issues are addressed and resolved.

After one visit I knew I had found someone who could and would help me.  I literally went in not knowing what was causing the “issues” or how to fix what was broken.  Bevin Modrak magically was able to pin point key issues and begin unraveling my tangled web of problems.  He listens, finds humor, a then asks one final question. He has a unique way of gently finding the sore spot and assists me into resolving what is wrong so I can grow into a better life. Bevin is able to find the issues I didn’t know were buried under the years of pain The speed of the therapy process was based on what I needed, not some predefine, generic norm.  I find that I laugh more than I cry and yet the issues are still permanently dealt with leaving me with confidence and a positive attitude I haven’t had in years.  Bevin has always made himself available when I hit the really big speed bumps that life can throw at you and I always leave feeling heard, helped, and better able to deal with life.”   s) and I always, always leave feeling heard, helped, and better able to deal with life.”   


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