“Where your arrow aligns with intention and your journey begins...”
Arrowrock Counseling and Consulting was developed by Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Bevin Modrak, and Marriage and Family Therapist, Maureen Clahan with the mission of assisting children, teens, and adults through life's transitions. We are committed to improving the quality of lives of those we assist, and building natural, lasting supports for each individual's unique recovery process.

The inspiration of Arrowrock Counseling comes from the historic landmark on the outskirts of Boise. Jutting out of the canyon at the confluence of the many tributaries to the Boise river, the Arrowrock represented an age-old landmark by which lost hunters separated from their group could find safety, direction, and purpose from the arrows left cliff side by those before them. We endeavor to help those in search of direction and purpose by combining our knowledge with your unique power of choice; we firmly believe a better quality of life will unfold as you take steps on your journey to healing.

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6126 W. State Street, Suite 109, Boise, ID 83703